Do you face a challenge or have a problem? We will help you shape the solution, not by taking charge, but by enabling you and your employees to find and design the solution. Our goal is to help your organisation to cope with the uncertainties of today and tomorrow. Your organisation must be able to continue when the specialists have left.

We bring the knowledge and expertise your organisation is lacking. Our expertise is in architecture: designing and planning long-term direction and solutions. Well defined and targeted. Our years of experience and wide contacts enable us to access any specific knowledge that is required at any point in time.

Although we are often hired by the IT department, our driving force is in achieving business goals. This usually means we broaden the dialogue to involve the entire organisation in participating in the developments of tomorrow. This creates the much needed support, which is a prerequisite to realise change.

Key themes with MShift are:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Coaching on the job
  • Critical and constructive advice
  • Business Driven