MShift is primarily aimed at providing short-term services. Do you face a challenge or have a problem? I will help you shape the solution, not by taking charge, but by enabling you and your employees to find and design the solution. It is my goal is to help your organisation to cope with the uncertainties of today and tomorrow. Your organisation must be able to continue when the specialists have left.

MShift is specialised in the issue of change, bridging both the IT and Business parts of the organisation. Architecture is the blueprint for change. Therefore we offer the following services:

  • STAP - Strategic & Tactical Architecture Planning
  • Architecture Audit - from Enterprise architecture to Software architecture
  • Project Audit - are your goals still clear?
  • Consultancy - what does the future hold?
Are you confident that your architecture is aligned with the business goals? Are the derived principles coherent and consistent? Are projects making the right choices? Are you in control of the direction projects take?

These and many more questions will often cross your mind. I can aid you by auditing your current architecture, your projects and your organisation. Using MShift I have in recent years performed a number of audits, second opinions and reviews. If appropriate I will also advice on other aspects that may initially be out of scope.

The audit concerns the content as well as the direction of the architecture, and the architectural process of your organisation (including projects).

Consulting is what I do. That's my expertise. I do consultancy in many different ways, from coaching and counseling to soundboarding. On a strategic, tactical and operational level.

At the strategic level, it is all about defining concrete business goals, the strategic use of ICT resources, controlling and managing change, and developing long term strategies. Tactically we are concerned with the guided realization of architecture, that is to say, applying and stimulating change, selecting and implementing the proper technologies, and developing resource potential. Operational consultancy is aimed at doing the right things the right way.

MShift is primarily set up to guide and support your employees in realising architecture. We assist by proposing solutions or directions to solutions, and introducing best practices, executing reviews of deliverables.

Transfer of knowledge and training on the job are essential aspects of working with MShift.

STAP is a method for Strategic and Tactical Architecture Planning. This methodology has been developed in cooperation with several architects during a number of larger projects. It complements conventional architecture methods such as DYA and TOGAF. These methods focus on architecture and the process of architecture, but not on the project based implementation of the identified components in the said architecture. The STAP methodology is unique in this aspect and it is a best practice that complements various architectural methods. The elaboration of a framework (Strategic Planning) and project portfolio (Tactical Planning and Portfolio Management) allow for a quick assessment of the impact of change, independent of the cause of the change. Due to the speed of this determination, scenario analysis becomes a possibility.